Johannes Ernst says “If user-centricity is really what we are after, it follows that I am my own identity provider in many circumstances, doesn’t it?” I think the answer to that is, to begin with. Digital identity for the internet is a bootstrap problem. Not much can be demanded or expected to begin with, and third party asserted claims are definitely a lot to ask right now.

However given a generally accepted system of identity claims assertion for the internet, I would expect that over time many of those claims would be expected to be backed up by a third party. For sure, some things will never require that: my favourite movie and other such trivia. But a lot of claims are generally self asserted now because they have to be, like my nationality, my employer, my professional affiliations, people I know, and many others may well naturally become third party claims about me, and expected to be.

User-centric identity does not imply user asserted identity, that is merely the initial expected state in order to garner adoption. Nothing more. I fully expect there to be higher level of trust in the identity claims asserted in the future, not merely the status quo.